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Hello. OK, this is what I have been waffling about. Now the $60 isn't exactly true unless you are running a site that gets like, 3 billion people per day but they do give you $20 per sign up. Now here is the cool bit. If you sign up to them then you get paid $50 US dollars just to register. Yes they do actually pay out, I checked with a friend of mine in Hamilton, they gave him his first cheque of US$100 the other day. I have no idea how they are managing this and I'm not sure if I want to. It dosen't look ilegal in anyway so I am going for it. And the great part is if you sign up another webmaster to it then you get US$5 and so do I and if they sign up someone then you get US$5. sounds too good to be true? It probably is, (although they recon they have been doing this since 1996) but while its running, then why not. I never gave out a cent, just 10 minutes of my time. Cool. Later when I get my money I'll scan the cheque and put it on here too.

Ok, go click the banner and see what you think. If you do sign up then make sure my code is in as refferer its edzedz123