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David vs Goliath in Education


This is the story of a student fighting an almost impossible battle within an institution who believes they are above the law and above the public who are the people they ultimately must answer to. THIS MUST COME TO AN END!!!!


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student has experienced and the polytechs refusal to deal with it.


This area is still under construction

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These articles appeared in the 
Wanganui Chronicle on Thursday, March 21st, 2002

General Overview

A Letter from Joan Morrell
In support of Miss P's Work.

A letter from Peter Dunne
In support of Miss P's Work.

Pictures of Miss P's Exhibition.

Comments from the Public about Miss P's Work
And their thoughts on the grade it received.

Religous Descrimination?
Read this.


Comments and legal threats can be sent to
for forwarding to the appropriate people.


The matters herein only describe problems within the Taupo Quay school of fine arts, a part of the Wanganui Regional Community Polytechnic and does not represent any other part of the polytechnic.